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You are probably thinking: just another not-for-profit, same old, same old. We want to tell you about GlobalEXCEL, how it got started and why it's not just another not-for-profit. I am Anjali Chandra, an eleven-year-old from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I want to tell you how GlobalEXCEL got started. My family is from India and my parents are both doctors. I have visited India at least 10 times. Each time I drove down some street or highway I would see families starving, kids with threadbare clothes walking around selling newspapers to scrape up enough money for the next meal to feed their families. Some of them don't even know if they are going to have dinner.


Each time I would pass by a family like this my whole heart would fill with sadness. I thought if these kids had an education they would be able to support themselves and not have to beg when they become parents. Those kids and their children would have much better lives and this entire world would be a better place.

A few years ago on my 8th birthday I told my mom I didn't want presents. I said "We already have all we need. Instead I want my friends to bring supplies for the Ronald McDonald house." The Ronald McDonald house is a place where families can stay while their loved ones are sick or injured and are in the hospital. Helping other people was so much better than getting presents for myself.


For my 11th birthday I wanted to do something to help children, and my Dad suggested that if I truly wanted to make a difference, I should think about starting a non profit organization.  I was inspired and decided to start GlobalEXCEL. Now I can make the world a better place, and so can you.






          Founder and Chairwoman, Global Excel TN

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