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GigBridge App Developers Needed


Program Background:

GigBridge is an application development program pertaining to obesity, designed to introduce students to mobile application development, alleviate linguistic disparities, and increase awareness about obesity risk and prevention.​ We are looking for app developers and computer science professionals to serve as mentors for our fall program.


IT Mentor General Requirements:

Familiarity with Appy-Pie and Mozilla AppMaker, non-coding based mobile application development programs.

No prior experience necessary, a willingness to explore the programs is all that is requested.

Spanish and English communication skills are preferred


Executive IT Mentor: 

Must commit 4 days a week for the entire program. Will receive significant reimbursement. ​


            Virtual Consultant:

                  Timeframe: September 2nd- November 17th


Virtual communication(Google Hangout/Skype) with designated team     of students 2 times a week to guide them through the design and development process for their application.

Student contact as questions and concerns come up during the development process

Revision of the team's final application and offer suggestions for          improvement
Time commitment: 6-8 hours 


Onsite App Development Mentor:

Will receive a stipend based on time commitment

Timeframe: September 2nd-November 17th
 Intro to App Development workshop
Demo Development Project

                 Cross-classroom learning sessions with Girls Preparatory School
                Development process consulting and troubleshooting
                Live-Stream to GigBridge website
                2 sessions/per week, onsite consultant for students



Contact Anjali Chandra at or 423-255-4659 if interested.

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